Introduction of Corporation

EMS Engineering Technologies (EMS) is a sister concern of INFINITY CONSTRUCTION (DIFE-Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments enlisted firm) is one of the most promising and reliable safety audit, Consultancy, and Construction Services companies working in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors especially in Ready Made Garments (RMG) sector in Bangladesh

EMS is working in those services relate to design, construction, safety, compliance, Logistics, and improvement of Health Safety in the RMG and commercial sector. EMS is an independent, objective-oriented, and committed team of highly qualified Structure, Fire & Electrical Engineers dedicated to set a benchmark in the professional field. We are playing a pioneering role to provide engineering solutions with excellence in our country. We are always innovative and maintain quality to meet the needs of our clients as well as our ethical values.

EMS has an engineering team, who can make flexible and readily adjustments to any design, assessment, and evaluation for the Structural, Fire, and Electrical safety issues, as per Standard of Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC), ACI Code, National Fire Protection Authority (NFPA), NI (National Initiative by ILO & DIFE), Alliance and ACCORD.