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A method through which one or more different types of soil analysis is conducted by experts for a wide variety of reasons is known as a soil test. Soil testing determines the quality of soil and provides a report about the quality of the soil. It’s the first step that every builder should do before planning, designing, or building a construction building besides soil test is a must for residential building projects, commercial building projects, and others. EMS Engineering Technologies is also a soil test company in Bangladesh. We do soil tests for every building project. There’re mainly two components for soil testing-

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  • Field soil analysis includes- collecting soil, presenting data, and doing measurement.
  • Laboratory test by taking soil samples.


The field component involves extracting the soil samples, documenting the existing soil strata, and collecting the field data. It includes- finding bearing capacity as well as determining the suitability of those soils to transfer or place a load upon it.  It is also considered as a required part of the site investigation, to document several factors that may affect a structure in many ways including the long-term stability of the designed foundations such as the trees, drainage, slope, existing structures, or others. The lab component involves undertaking laboratory tests that help to find out the soil’s capacity to swell and shrink. it determines it in the course of the life expectancy of the dwelling when the site conditions are normal. As a soil test company in Dhaka, we know different types of soil testing and the procedure for conducting that. We provide the right soil test report in Bangladesh.

What are the different types of soil tests for building construction in Bangladesh?

Gravity Test: The gravity test of the soil become conducted by measuring the ratio of unit weight of soil solids along with the water. There are quite a few methods are available through which the gravity test can be accomplished. However, the  Density Bottle Method and Pycnometer Method are known as the most simple or common ones to receive an accurate result. In Pycnometer method, Vertex specific gravity bottle refer as pycnometer it is actually weighed in four different cases-

  • Empty weight-  (M1)
  • Empty + dry soil -(M2)
  • Empty + water + dry soil- (M3)
  • Pycnometer filled with water- (M4)

By using this method soil test report in Bangladesh will be provided. But the soil test cost in Bangladesh is different. However, at room temperature. From these four masses, specific gravity needs to be determined by the formula given below.

G = (M2 – M1) / (M2 – M1) – (M3 – M4)

Moisture Content Test.

Moisture content or water content in soil considers as an important parameter for the construction of the building. Normally It involves several methods to determine the result. Soil test price in BD depends on the site. If you want to conduct soil tests for construction buildings in Bangladesh. As a soil test company in Bangladesh, we may provide accurate soil test reports in Bangladesh. However, the methods are-

  • Method of Oven drying.
  • Method of Calcium carbide.
  • Method of the Torsion balance.
  • Method of Pycnometer.
  • Method of Sand bath.
  • Method of Radiation.
  • Method of Alcohol.

Dry Density Test: The weight of soil particles that have been given in the volume of a sample of soil is usually termed as the dry density of soil. The dry density of soil depends on the void ratio as well as the specific gravity of soil.  It can be classified into dense, medium dense, or loose categories which are determined based on the values of the dry density of soil. Different soil Test Company in Dhaka conducts different soil test prices in BD. The dry density of soil need to be calculated by three different methods called –

  • Core cutter method,
  • Sand replacement method and
  • Water-displacement method.

Atterberg Limits Test: Atterberg limits test on soil should be performed at 3 levels. Here the soil test cost in Bangladesh is different. EMS Engineering Technologies is a soil test company in Bangladesh. We provide accurate soil test reports in Bangladesh. However, the component through which the testing should be done is known as fine-grained soil. In case any critical component from water becomes present it can be determined with it. There are three limits which are evaluated-

  • Liquid Limit.
  • Plastic Limit.
  • Shrinkage Limit.

Proctor’s Compaction Test: Proctor’s test should be conducted so that the compaction characteristics of soil can be determined. One thing that needs to remember soil test for construction building in Bangladesh is very important. Compaction of soil involves reducing air voids available in the soil by densification. Here, the degree of Compaction would be measured in terms of the dry density of the sample of soil.

Why should you choose us as a soil test company in Bangladesh?

EMS Engineering Technologies is a soil test company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. . There are several factors one should look for while choosing an engineer for your precious project. Here are some reasons why builders choose EMS Engineering Technologies-

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Experience:  With almost years of experience in soil testing, site classification, and foundation design we have already conducted thousands of tests that took place in our own lab every year, we are experts in the field of soil testing.

Accurate Soil Data: With thousands of soil tests, we’ve already built local and regional profiles of soil compositions. We can take a project as a whole rather than a single site. This way we provide accurate soil test reports in Bangladesh.

Own Lab:  EMS Engineering Technologies has its own accredited laboratory where our expert engineers thoroughly test and analyze materials. Our skilled manpower has full control over the testing process which lets us produce extremely reliable data at a minimal soil test price in BD for every single project.

Diversity of engineering skills:  We have soil testing experts who are experienced in providing engineering services for foundation design, structural engineering.

Clear reporting:  We are constantly trying in reviewing and improving our reports has readability and these are user-friendly as well. The reports are helping builders and contractors so that getting the information is faster.


As a soil test company in Bangladesh, we provide accurate soil test reports in BD. Soil testing needs to be done before constructing or designing any projects. Soil test cost in Bangladesh depends on the project and site. However, as a soil test company in Dhaka, we provide the best result at the best price.