Energy efficiency audit firm in Bangladesh

An energy audit does an assessment of your premises that takes a close look at current energy consumption, it also helps in identifying energy efficiency measures that you will be able to conduct to make your premises more efficient. An energy auditor has the proper ability to assess where the busy premises are losing most of the required energy, and then proposes improvements that may help in saving energy – and energy efficiency audit firm in Bangladesh can reduce your utility bills. Professional energy audits can take most of their work anywhere in BD from half an hour to four hours to that need to be completed. It actually depends on them depending on the size of your home or premises. These professional auditors normally use a variety of tools that help in establishing problem areas within your property. After reviewing the properties our professional may come up with a list where you may find the offer that suggested measures and actions that are sufficient enough to take required necessary steps in order to make your premise more efficient and flexible.

How does an Energy efficiency audit firm work in Bangladesh?

An energy auditor makes a close look at your building from the outside. Our auditor will closely examine a variety of components that make the auditor involved in auditing the places that include windows, walls as well as eaves, to see if the auditor can spot any major related issues which are causing leaks into or out of the premises. 

Energy efficiency audit in bangladesh

  • The auditor will involve in  checking out all the attic in your premises (if you have one) to take close look at a very few things. Most importantly, our professional auditor will inspect your insulation to make sure it has been correctly and perfectly installed and applied evenly along with the walls. EMS Engineering Technologies will evaluate the holes which are available in the walls where electrical lines those are running that involve to see if it is properly sealed, or could be a good source of leakage.

  • The auditor will definitely examine the furnace as well as heater if which  is available in the company. If either on the older end, it is more likely a candidate will apply for an upgrade. An Energy efficiency audit firm in Bangladesh are involving in making a most likely take a close look at the filter in the furnace to ensure that it doesn’t require replacement. They are more likely into also check all the require connections in the ducts in the garage of your company. We will also do our best to try and locate any of the possible leaks where you’re losing heat and energy.

  • While you are relying on replacing the appliances, furnaces including the water heaters which is mostly cost significant money upfront, making the upgrade typically results in making savings over audit procedure the lifetime of the equipment. In many cases, upgrading the service will result in making net audit procedure that make savings in just within a few years. Many of the utilities and local of the governments may offer low-cost energy efficiency financing so that it’s easy to make things easier to make the right investment in the energy efficient appliances.

  • Most of our professional audits will emphasize make a test known as blower door test. Here we will use a device that allows them to locate air leaks in the home. During a blower door test, all the windows and doors are going to be closed, and our expertise here will use a special blower door machine to depressurize the organization or even home. At that point, the auditor uses a unique infrared camera to find out where cold air may be leaking into your premises.
  • In the end, audits will take place with a skilled professional inspector usually include an inspection of the lighting in your company. If you’re currently using standard incandescent light also known as bulbs, this will help you then easily able to reduce the cost of electricity by switching largely over to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

These are a few of the more common steps taken in an energy audit. However, depending on the scope and the tools in the company’s energy auditor’s arsenal, there may be some additional followed steps taken such as – thermographic inspections. Here the recommendations regarding an Energy efficiency audit firm in Bangladesh make it more efficient for your premises which depends on the scope of the audit. Some lightweight lights can be switched to more efficient and effective lighting, sealing all the required air leaks from doors and this can even include adding more and more weather stripping. Some of larger and some of bigger suggestions can be included where more insulation, or even replacing windows those are causing drafts in the organization.


Energy audits and energy management are important elements in Bangladesh and the government of Bangladesh that maintain efficiency strategies. They are allowing companies to identify most of their energy-saving potential as alternatives to reduce energy consumption significantly. An Energy efficiency audit firm in Bangladesh is mandatory for large companies as well as small companies. .