Fire Protection Company in Bangladesh

Protecting the business or home from fire should be considered as one of the most important things one can do for financial safety, the safety of employees working there, and the family living at home. Fire is not only dangerous but also can cause severe damage to the property which may lead to downtime and costly repairs. Besides fire is commonly causing lives in our country almost every year. The best way to save the business and home from fire is to reduce the possibility of potential damages to the contents of the buildings and the building itself. As a fire protection company in Bangladesh, we do fire protection design and installation in Bangladesh. By investing in a fire protection system, you can keep occupants as well as your family members safe and sound. A fire safety company in Bangladesh may only give you that safety.

What is the fire protection system in Bangladesh?

Fire protection systems in Bangladesh include a) fire suppression, b) sprinklers, c) smoke detectors, and other fire protection equipment that needs in tandem to ensure protection against fire.

Fire suppression: A fire suppression system considers as an engineered group of units that have been built to extinguish fires from the application of a unique substance. Most commonly, a fire suppression system involves built-in components which help to detect fires at the beginning stages by recognizing heat, smoke, and other warning signals those come out from the fire. There is an alarm system through which these are attached, that will alert the subject when the fire becomes detected. After that, the person who has been alert may initiate steps for action that tamed further suppress the fire. The superiority of fire suppression systems tends to automatically release the application of an external substance that will extinguish the fire after that is detected or alerted. However, some fire suppression systems may contain a manual application release that depends on a fire protection company in Bangladesh.

Fire sprinklers:  A fire sprinkler system is a quite simple system, it is just a key, active component situated in the ire protection system of domestic or commercial buildings. Normally it is installed in ceilings or sidewalls. A water supply, a water distribution piping system, and sprinkler heads are the components of the system.  When the fire becomes detected the sprinkler discharges water automatically. But it cannot be triggered by smoke. It eventually controls or extinguishes the fire, as like both a fire detection or suppression system.

Smoke detectors: A smoke detector is known as a sensor that helps in detecting smoke as a primary indication of fire. It largely provides accurate signals to a fire alarm system located in a large building. Then it produces locally signal audible and visual signals in a room or a home. Smoke detectors are normally placed in a small, round-shaped case which is made of plastic or others and housed at the roof where there may seem risks of fire or fire-related hazards.

It’s a wise decision to work with a fire protection company in Bangladesh that understands the needs of your property. A fire safety company in Bangladesh provides a variety of integrated protection systems which may not provide by others. . EMS Engineering Technologies provides a full range of fire protection systems in Bangladesh. From system design and installation in Bangladesh to maintenance, inspection, and repair.

What are the fire protection services available in Bangladesh?

The people of Bangladesh need to make sure that their businesses are prepared for the possibilities which are associated with fire. By investing in a professional fire protection company for getting the right fire safety services, it’s possible to prevent such occasions. Though these vary widely. The service needs depend on the industry. Here are the top fire protection services industry may seek from a fire safety company in Bangladesh-

Fire Protection System Design:  The layout and fire hazards for each building are different. Naturally, the right fire system design and installation in Bangladesh or the fire protection system must meet the needs of the business’s requirements. This means ready-made layouts may not help cutting it. Instead, you need to summon a fire protection company in Bangladesh to design, customize and install your setup according to your requirement to avoid mistakes. It should prevent unnecessary expenses as well as make your building as safe as possible.

Fire Protection System Installations:  With a significant design plan on paper, the forwarded step is to install the equipment by following the most appropriate guidelines as code compliance. We can assure we use the most accurate fire protection design and installation in Bangladesh. However, the process of code compliance may occur at the time of the initial construction phase of a building. Even years later when it’s time to start the replacement project the construction phase may occur again. The safety of your building including the people and property inside depends on the operational precision enabled by the fire protection system, so the installation process is one that should be taken very seriously. The process may require anywhere from a few hours ending in a few days to install the protection equipment.

Fire Protection System Upgrades: When equipment wears out and eventually the regulations change, you may notice it’s important to upgrade the parts or equipment of your existing system. Working with a fire safety company in Bangladesh should possess the required knowledge of the latest fire safety technology. Also here the core requirements ensure your persuasion on the proper up gradation in a timely manner.

Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinkler Monitoring: If the fire alarm or sprinkler system of your building goes off then there’s nothing to worry about as the services related to fire alarm monitoring as well as fire sprinkler monitoring ensure that the emergency personnel is notified about the fact. The fire trucks are dispatched to your entered location immediately. This service from a fire protection company in Bangladesh greatly reduces the risk of substantial property damage, it also gives you peace of mind in case any fire starts while the building is empty.

Fire Protection System Repairs: While inspecting and maintaining a fire protection system, caution is needed. The system helps to prevent any system breakdowns along with malfunctions which are normally impossible to avoid entirely. When a problem occurs, seek help and repair the system as quickly as possible. Our 24/7 emergency services ensure your building isn’t left without working fire protection equipment or parts for so long.


As a fire protection company in Bangladesh, we understand the importance of your property. A fire safety company in Bangladesh like us provides a variety of integrated protection systems all over the country.  Which is totally uncommon and may not be provided by others. . EMS Engineering Technologies provides a full range of fire protection systems including fire protection system design and installation in Bangladesh along with its maintenance, inspection, and repair.