Fire safety plan and approval in Bangladesh

Ensuring financial safety is the most important thing in a business. Fire can be the most devastating thing that can happen to your business. So protecting the business or other premises from fi4re attack should be the most important thing in business. A proper fire safety plan in Bangladesh not only protects the employees of your company but also protects the families of a residential building. In Bangladesh, most of the commercial and resident buildings should adopt such plans as fire-causing lives and lives every year in this country. EMS Engineering Technologies is a full-proof fire-safe plan for any building in Bangladesh. The safety plan regarding fire can save the commercial and residential premises from fire and reduce the probability of potential damages to the livings, contents of the buildings, and the building itself. As a fire protection company in Bangladesh, we not only provide fire protection design but also conduct the installation process. Investing in a fire protection system will let you keep the occupants and family members safe and sound. We can only give you that safety properly.

Fire safety plan

What is the fire hydrant system in Bangladesh?

The fire hydrant is a piece of emergency equipment that is normally used in most of the commercial and residential buildings in Bangladesh. In a broad sense, a fire hydrant system supplies water throughout a building with a significant pressure of water where firefighting is needed. You may see using Fire hydrant systems in most of the residential and commercial projects. If it is still not familiar to you then Have you ever seen a ‘Red ‘color pipe around a building?  If ‘Yes ‘then you should recognize it as a fire hydrant system? The pipe can be referred to as a fire hydrant pipe.  EMS Engineering Technologies is providing a fire hydrant system in Bangladesh.


What are the different types of fire hydrant systems?

A fire hydrant system ensures a fire protection system. Without it, the fire protection won’t be called fire protection anymore. Fire hydrant systems actually considered as the very basic source of fire protection systems. It’s time to know the very basic information about a fire hydrant system and its protection providing the ability against any accident that has been caused by fire. It is not just an effective system suitable for different plants or high-rise establishments along with commercial buildings. The system mainly uses the underground water storage where a pipe is set. While the fire rises there is a ring that will be ringed around the structure or in a terminal of the structure. The system also has hydrant valves and branch pipes linking with nozzles and a hose. We can provide a proper fire safety plan in Bangladesh. However, there are two types of fire hydrant systems-   

Wet riser: Automatic type of system of pipework that needs to be changed permanently and fully. The wet riser uses its own dedicated water supply. It is normally situated in the basement of the structure. There will be a water storage tank that can feed two pumps of the wet riser.  Here the pump has the ability to generate a good pressure supply of water.   

 Dry riser: This system is manually operable which can be installed within a building. It’s actually empty pipework with a two-way breeching inlet situated at the ground level. Here the inlet makes a connection to the fire appliance through a hose to a water supply.

In case any fire occasion occurs, you can make a connection between the hose and the hydrant valves having the nozzles and start the pump. To ensure automatic operation, a pipe known as jockey pipe which will be provided, may pressurize the pipes which help to open valves, as soon as the valves are opened, pressure is minimized and the main pump starts working automatically.

What is a fire sprinkler system in Bangladesh?

A fire sprinkler system is a simple system that can be considered as a key as well as an active component that might be situated in the ire protection system of domestic or commercial buildings. Normally it needs to be installed in the ceilings or in the sidewalls of a building.  A water supply along with a water distribution piping system and sprinkler heads are the vital components needed in the system.  When the system detects the fire become detected the sprinkler discharges water automatically. But the bad thing about the sprinkle is that it cannot be triggered by smoke. It can detect only the flames and detecting the little flames it started to discharge water. Then eventually it began to control or extinguish the fire. The fire sprinkler system in Bangladesh works like both fire detection and suppression system. We can provide a proper fire safety plan in Bangladesh.

Fire Sprinkler System

How does a fire sprinkler system work?

Step 1: At first the fire sprinkler system will detect the heat. A simple smoke from the fire will easily be caught by the system. Then the system will drench the place with water supply from the fire sprinkler’s head. Here high heat triggers the system of fire sprinkler system.

Step 2: the fire will be doused by the sprinkler system. Here each sprinkler head will be attached with a water supply pipe. The water supply pipe then connects it to the reliable source of water located outside of the building.

The fire sprinkler system in Bangladesh actually minimizes the water damage. The sprinklers douse water six times less which is quite less than a hose. It takes quick action without causing any damage to your property.

What is the fire alarm system in Bangladesh?

An active fire protection system that tends to control all the fire alarms in a structure is known as a fire alarm system in Bangladesh. There is a device set in the fire alarm system that detects smoke as well as heat at the same time. The fire notifies the system and the system begins to bell sirens in too loud so that everyone can hear properly. The fire alarm system in Bangladesh works in a way that-

fire alarm system in bangladesh

  1. The system will set off in a way that it will detect the fire automatically.
  2. As an indication of fire, the system will detect the level of heat or smoke arose around the area.
  3. Then it began to bell a loud siren.
  4. There are two type fire alarm system in Bangladesh.
  5. Optical smoke detector.
  6. The ionization detector.  


We are a fire protection company in Bangladesh. We provide fire safety plans in Bangladesh and we can recognize the importance of fire protection for your property. Any system breakdowns along with malfunctions which normally impossible to avoid entirely. When a problem occurs, seek help and repair the system as early as possible. Our 24/7 emergency services can enable your building’s safety against fire and the services won’t be left without working on your precious equipment or parts for so long. Along with a variety of integrated protection systems a fire safety company like us provides services all over the country.