Nirapon Safety Audit Consultancy Firm in bd

Nirapon (ELEVATE) is an unprecedented private national tripartite initiative that conducts structural, electrical, fire and boiler safety inspections. When Nirapon (ELEVATE) Visit any one factory the area suggest some legal compliance issue solve at imitated time. EMS Engineering Technologies (We) are solve this all compliance according to Nirapon (ELEVATE) Standard. EMS Engineering Technologies is a one of the most experience CAP Consultancy Engineering Service in country of Bangladesh.

We suggest new factory and old factory how and why he maintained Nirapon (ELEVATE) Standard and how possible to enlisted at Nirapon (ELEVATE). We are also maintained other renowned buyer Gide line. Here is our some safety consultancy Document Check Checklist as per Nirapon (ELEVATE) Standard.

Checklist of Required Documents for Nirapon (ELEVATE) Fire safety, electrical safety, structural safety Inspection Team:

General Documents

  • Manpower Statements (Per Floor)
  • Disaster Management
  • First Aider Name List
  • List of Fire Fighter
  • Occupant Load Capacity

Fire Safety Related

  • Self-Assessment (Bengali)
  • Fire Safety Log Book
  • Fire Resistant Log Book
  • Fire Auto Detection System Summary
  • Floor wise Equipment Details
  • Fire Training
  • Fire Drill
  • Daily Fire Round
  • Daily Pressure Gauge Reading Record
  • Daily Fire Alarm & Fire Panel Board Checklist
  • Daily Fire Call Point Checklist
  • Daily Auto Smoke Detector & Heat Detector Checklist
  • Emergency Fire Safety Prevention Plan
  • Drawing of Fire Alarm & Detection System (As-Built/Reviewed from Nirapon)
  • Drawing of Automatic Sprinkler System (As-Built/Reviewed from Nirapon) as per NFPA 14
  • Drawing of Standpipe System (As-Built/Reviewed from Nirapon) as per NFPA 14
  • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Checklist of Fire Alarm System (As per NFPA 72)
  • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Checklist of Fire Sprinkler System (As per NFPA 20, 25)
  • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Checklist of Fire Standpipe System (As per NFPA 20, 25)
  • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Checklist of Fire Pump ( As per NFPA 20, 25)
  • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Checklist of Portable Fire Extinguisher System ( As per NFPA 10 & BNBC-2006, Part-4, Sec- 4.10)
  • Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Checklist of Emergency Lights & Exit Signs (As per Nirapon (ELEVATE) Standard)

Electrical Safety Documents

  • Electrical Single Line Diagram
  • Design of Lightning Protection System
  • Thermograph Survey Report
  • Earth Pit Resistance Test Report
  • Insulation Resistance Test Report
  • Transformer Oil Test Report
  • Preventive Maintenance Program and Schedule
  • Electrical Safety Training Initiation Documents


Structural Safety Documents

New Start Factory

  • Local Authority Approval Drawing (City Corporation, Rajuk, Proshova Etc)
  • Soil Test Report 100rft (According to BNBC 2020)
  • Proposed Construction Drawing (Architectural, Structural, Load Plan Etc)
  • Construction Period Pictorial Evidence
  • Materials Test Report

If Factory Existing and already inspect Nirapon (ELEVATE)

  • Nirapon (ELEVATE) Initial Structural Inspection Report
  • All Structural Follow-up Reports
  • Soil Test Report
  • Local Authority Approval Drawing
  • Hard Copy of As Built Architectural Drawing
  • Hard Copy of As Built Structural Drawing
  • Core-Cutting Lay-Out Plan
  • Load Plan
  • Nirapon (ELEVATE) Approved Propping Lay-Out
  • Hard Copy of Engineering Assessment Report Including all Relevant Documents
  • Original Test Report (Core, Rebar and Soil Test)
  • Retrofitting Related Documents

Why Choose us for Nirapon Safety Audit Consultancy Firm 

One reason why you should choose Nirapon Safety Audit Consultancy Firm in bd is that we have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring your workplace is safe and compliant. Our experts are well-versed in the latest regulations and standards, allowing them to provide accurate assessments and recommendations that will help you improve your safety performance.

Another reason why our firm stands out from the rest is our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. We understand how important it is for businesses to have access to reliable support when they need it most, which is why we offer round-the-clock assistance through our customer service hotline.