Core test in Bangladesh 

A well-established method that is normally performed in the area of concrete industry is known as the core test. This test uses to assess the harden of the suspect concrete, whether it’s hardened or not. Concrete core testing is used to do to find out the actual properties of concrete available in existing structures for example the strength, permeability, chemical analysis, carbonation, and others. A sampling of the core of the concrete and testing its strength has been described. EMS Engineer Technologies conduct the concrete test in Bangladesh. We also do a variety of tests for any structures that give indirect evidence of concrete quality. Besides it provides a more direct assessment of strength. All these can be made by core sampling or testing.


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What are core sampling and testing of concrete?

Concrete cores tend to be cut by means of a tool known as a rotary cutting tool along with diamond bits. In this case, a cylindrical specimen needs to be obtained thoroughly with its ends which are being uneven, parallel, and square. Also sometimes the ends become embedded pieces of reinforcement. The cores seem visually described as well as photographed. Additionally giving attention specifically to compaction, distribution of aggregates, presence stand by steel, and more. Then the core needs to be soaked in water or capped with molten sculpture that makes its ends plane, parallel, and at a right angle. Core test in Bangladesh seems easy but it needs skilled manpower. However, after the Core test in Bangladesh, the core samples can be used for the following fields:

  • It can be used to determine the Strength and density of a structure.
  • Depth of carbonation in existing or old concrete.
  • to analysis the Chemicals.
  • The permeability of water or gas.
  • Conducting Petrographic analysis.
  • Test the permeability of ASHTO Chloride.

What are the factors that affect the strength of the core?

The core test in Bangladesh affects the following factors-

  • Sizes of aggregated stones.
  • Affects the presence of reinforcement steel.
  • H/D ratio.
  • Concrete’s age.
  • Concrete’s strength.
  • Drill operations.

The importance of core tests in Bangladesh.

Conducting core tests in Bangladesh for every concrete structure is required for finding out the comprehensive assessment of durability and structural performance of a particular structure. The compression test on the core sample test is known as the most reliable step for assessing the compressive strength of concrete and a means of ensuring quality control. The procedure that needs to be taken place for taking core samples and testing them has always been standardized. However, with many benefits the core test brings to the table, now let’s specify the core test as coring which has certain disadvantages also if it has not been done properly. In addition, the choice of core locations in a particular structure tends to be a challenging task. So there are the benefits along with a few disadvantages of taking cores. Modern technologies have made non-destructive testing change the paradigm in recent years.


Core tests in Bangladesh need to be taken by the required structures. The test can dismiss the doubt about the quality of the concrete. If anyone wants to evaluate the strength of the structure. Then core tests need to be done as a primary method.