Bill verification audit firm in Bangladesh

Audit normally refers to an examination or inspection of various books of accounts by an auditor who tends to follow the physical checking of inventory so that they can make sure that all departments in a company are following a documented system of recording transactions equally. It has been done to ascertain the accuracy which is associated with the financial statements that have always been provided by the organization on its own. A bill verification audit follows the process of reviewing a company’s bills such as utility invoices and others to uncover billing errors. This work can be conducted by a solely hired in-house team, or by hiring a Bill verification audit firm in Bangladesh. These audits are more into focusing solely on the errors which might be found in the invoices. It includes everything from incorrect late fees, not opening or closing accounts on time, even being billed for that lead to a wrong rate plan. Audits that are so important can be conducted on any utility invoice, including natural gas, electric, water or sewer, and waste.

What is the importance of a bill verification Audit firm in Bangladesh?

To Uncover the Costly Billing Errors:

When you left bills unchecked and unresolved, even the smallest error in the billing may end up costing you legal businesses hundreds of thousands of money for your company. For example, just one or a few wrong digits on a visual reading meter can send bills that are soaring, or the organization may not be able to sit on a rate that does not match its needs. Even a simple unnoticed or unfollowed late fee can be added unbearable extra costs if not become that resolved earlier. It’s critical for most of the companies in Bangladesh – particularly which are having multiple locations – to have a Bill verification audit firm to regularly audit utility bills before payment may be made.

Negotiate with Utilities to Generate Refunds or Credits:

Errors that are uncovered during the movement of utility bill audits should be brought to the attention of utility providers. Here the specific utility provider will generally issue a refund for overcharges overpaid and others like credit toward future required bills. It’s important to get the track and document where the errors are close inspection included. The resolutions of internally maintained records where negotiations are included in the utility company. One thing you need to remember is No billing error can be  ‘too old to seek a refund and credit unless that error costs a company a lot of money.

Our bill verification audit Services include:

  • Full audit on billing invoices to check for the errors before the invoice is paid. 
  • Historical bill verification audit of billing invoices that helps in uncovering past overpayments of the company. 
  • Evaluation of rate plans on the billing and suggestions that may help in future savings. 
  • Negotiation with billing on behalf of the company for making refunds or credits. 


Companies with monthly energy bill audits should have someone either in-house or an outside company such as EMS Engineering Technology who has the ability to audit each and every bill that the company receives and verify them on an ongoing basis. Regular close inspection on billing verification audits should usually be considered by larger and bigger companies in Bangladesh.  However, we are here as a Bill verification audit firm in Bangladesh. Because of us shaving off even a little bit of an electricity bill or gas bill could result in thousands and thousands of money but having a close inspection that will later help in savings. It’s important to note that a bill audit which is totally different than other audits.  The purpose of a bill verification audit firm is to help businesses or homeowners figure out where they can lower their costs through increased efficiency.