Earthing system in Bangladesh

The Earthing system is also known as the process of transferring the immediate discharge of the electrical flow that tends to be directed to the earth. This transferring process is normally accomplished through the aid of the low resistance wire. It actually referred to an arrangement by which an electrical installation process is connected to a means of an earthling. Besides Earthing system is sometimes used for purposes, for example- functional purposes, which are usually at services of several safety purposes. For example, in the case of telegraph lines, the Earthing system can also use as a conductor to save the expense of a return wire over a long circuit. However, we provide an Earthing system in Bangladesh.

earthing system in bangladesh
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What are the purposes using of Earthing system in Bangladesh?

After learning about what the Earthing system is, now we it’s time to list some of the most important purposes that the Earthing system in Bangladesh is at service for.

Electrical circuits become connected to the earth or actually to the ground for a couple of reasons. There are a good number of reasons below to show you why using an Earthing system is important in our country.

earthing system in bangladesh

  • It provides personal protection.
  • It ensures the protection of the Electrical system for the whole building.
  • It enables the Protection of electromagnetic pulses.
  • Protection against Lightning
  • A sufficiently low impedance is enough to facilitate satisfactory protection that even operates under several fault conditions.
  • Voltage protection, within reasonable limits under fault conditions
  • Graded insulation in power transformers.
  • Voltage limiting to earth on conductive materials that enclose electrical conductors also known as equipment.

What are the types of Earthing systems?

The goals that the Earthing system is a service for. Besides different types of protection that are provided by a grounding system. Now it’s time to elaborate on various types of earthing systems.

TN-S: In this method, with a single point of connection between the supply neutral and earth at the stage of supply transformer. The supply cables could have separate neutral as there have been earth protective and conductors (S.N.E.). Basically, the neutral that might be known as a conductor is a fourth ‘core’, and the earth conductor forms a protective sheath.

TN-C-S: In this method, the supply cables contain a combined neutral or earth metallic outer sheath that supplies a PVC that is covering. The combined neutral earth sheath refers to the PEN (protective earth neutral). The supply Earthing system within the customer’s premises would usually be TN-S, which means that the neutral and earth can be separated and linked only at the service position.

There’s also another Earthing system is available for conducting. Such as PNB, TT, IT, and more. You have to choose the one that goes with your premises.


EMS Engineering Technologies tries to provide you with the best Earthing system in Bangladesh with all the essential and comprehensive information regarding Earthing systems. Here, we have already talked about the basic definitions. Then, we tried to elaborate on the basic purposes of using Grounding systems. In the next stage, we have discussed five different and main types of earthing systems. To be clearer about the concept of earthling electrical system and installation, contact us as soon as possible.