Structural Safety

The following activities and sequences will be followed during initial inspection:

  • Review all As-Built Drawings showing structure, loading, elements, dimensions, levels, foundations and framing on Plan, Section and Elevation drawing
  • The engineering team is review to all supporting calculations with a model based design check to assess the safety and serviceability of the building against loading as set out in BNBC-2006, Lower rate provisions can be applied in accordance with the Tripartite Guidelines following international engineering practice and justification for these lower rate provisions must be made.
  • Review all report on engineering tests carried out to justify material strengths and reinforcement content in all key elements studied.
  • Detailed load plans will be verified for each level showing current and potential future loading with all key equipment items shown with associated load
  • The Engineering team will review the assessment report which covers the following:
    1. As-Built drawings including:
      • Plans at each level calling up and dimensioning all structural componen
      • Cross sectional drawings showing structural beams, slabs, floor to floor heights, roof build-ups and basic design information of the structu
    2. Results of testing for strength and material
  • Details of loading, inputs and results of computer modeli
  1. Commentary on adequacy/inadequacy of elements of the structur
  2. Floor Load plan