ACCORD (RSC) CAP Solution Company in Bangladesh

The RSC audit in Bangladesh is a mandatory process that all factories and workplaces must go through that conducts structural, electrical, fire, and boiler safety inspections. When RSC (Accord) Visits any one factory in the area suggests some legal compliance issue solve at the imitated time. EMS Engineering Technologies (We) are solving this all compliance according to RSC and Accord Standard. EMS Engineering Technologies is one of the most experienced CAP Consultancy Engineering Services in the country of Bangladesh.

We suggest to the new factory and the old factory how and why he maintained RSC Standards and how possible to enlist at RSC. We also maintained other renowned buyer Gide lines. Here is our safety consultancy Document Check Checklist as per RSC (ACCORD) Standard.

Here is our some safety consultancy Document Check Checklist as per RSC (ACCORD) Standard. General Documents

General Documents

  • Manpower Statements 
  • Disaster Management
  • First Aider Name List
  • List of Fire Fighter
  • Occupant Load Capacity

Electrical Safety Documents

  • Electrical Single Line Diagram
  • Design of Lightning Protection System
  • Thermograph Survey Report
  • Earth Pit Resistance Test Report
  • Insulation Resistance Test Report
  • Transformer Oil Test Report
  • Preventive Maintenance Program and Schedule
  • Electrical Safety Training Initiation Documents

Structural Safety Documents

New Start Factory

  • Local Authority Approval Drawing (City Corporation, Rajuk, Proshova Etc)
  • Soil Test Report 100rft (According to BNBC 2020)
  • Proposed Construction Drawing (Architectural, Structural, Load Plan Etc)
  • Construction Period Pictorial Evidence
  • Materials Test Report

If Factory Existing and already inspect RSC (Accord)

  • Geo technical (soil) investigation report
  • Previous assessment report (if any)
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Structural Drawing
  • As-built drawing (authentic)
  • Construction History (timing of construction phases)
  • Approval letter + Drawing
  • Factory Inspector’s Approval
  • Environmental Clearance Certificate
  • Fire Department’s Clearance


Why Choose Us For ACCORD (RSC) CAP Solution Company in Bangladesh

At RSC, we understand the importance of conducting a thorough audit for our clients. Our team comprises highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in auditing. We use advanced tools and techniques to ensure that our audits are accurate, reliable, and comprehensive.

Moreover, we provide personalized attention to each client to understand their unique needs and tailor our services accordingly. Choosing RSC for your audit needs has many benefits. we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality audits that help our clients make informed decisions about their finances.