Structural Design Company in Bangladesh

The methodical investigations of structures that reveal the stability, quality, strength, and rigidity of structures are known as structural design. The basic objective which can also be taken as the goal of structural design is to produce a structure that contains the capability to resist all the applied loads during its intended lifetime without failure. As a structural design company in Bangladesh, we know how to do it better than anyone. Because of an improperly designed and fabricated structure, it’ll probably fail to function as it is supposed to do. However, a structural design firm in Bangladesh knows how to build a structure that performs its best.  

What are the objective of structural design?

  • Building or creating a structure which has the capability to resist all the applied loads on it during the service life.
  • The economical dimensions associated with its structural members need to be obtained.
  • The strength, stability, quality and rigidity of the structure need to be measured and investigated.
  • The safety of the structure is very important so that none get hurt through it.

What is the process of a structural design firm in Bangladesh?

The process of a structural design is mainly divided into three-phase.

Planning: The phase considers various requirements as well as the factors that affect the general dimension and layouts of the structures. Among several alternative choices of structures, it let us choose the best structure. There’s different consideration involved here

  • The primary consideration refers the function of the structure.
  • Aesthetics, sociology, law, economics and the environment are the second consideration that taken into account while building a structure.
  • There should be some structural and constructional requirements or limitation which can largely affect the form of structure that going to be designed.

Design: The phase involves considering the detailed alternative solution that defines the planning phase largely. The design phase finds results in the determination and gets the most suitable elements and connections such as the proportion, dimension, and detailed construction for each structural arrangement that going to be considered.

Construction: The construction phase involves mobilizing personnel, procuring the material and equipment that includes-

  • Transportation on the site.
  • Actual erection (on-site).

 During this phase, re-design may take place as per requirement. Even many difficulties may occur in this phase for example- unavailability of specific materials, equipment, and others. EMS Engineering technology prevents such issues.

What are the purposes of a structural design company in Bangladesh?

A structural design firm in Bangladesh- EMS Engineering Technology intended to design a structure or plan a structure that will surely be strong enough to bear loads that intended. It’s also able to bear the environmental conditions thrown at it. Now let’s know the purposes of a structural design company in Bangladesh-

Ensures the build and design: The company should build or design a structure in a way that provides all the information regarding the foundations, walls, floors, roof types, steep beams, a material quality so that the building can be made safe and sound for general people. The structure needs to withstand in front of possible harsh environmental conditions. Ensuring the build and design of a structure also depends on many other things. Such as measuring the risk of collapsing, how much environmental pressure it can bear, and more.

Provide accurate analysis of structure: A thorough and detailed analysis of the structure is wide as it is the main principle of structural design. It helps to know that the new structure meets all the requirements that are needed. It brings out information about the loading capacity of the structure or how much load it can bear.

Efficient material management: Efficient use of construction elements or materials is also part of a structural design. It does not only ensure safety but also cuts the unnecessary costs that bore by the customer. A rigorous structural design plays a significant role in satisfying the operational safety regarding testing, inspecting, or evaluating the structure. So material management is important here as it ensures the safety and stability of budgetary materials.


EMS Engineering Technology understands the crucial role which is associated with structural design. As a structural design company in Bangladesh, we use the overall capabilities of our engineer’s building or create a structure for the modern world. We, a structural design firm in Bangladesh aims at designing structures that deliver nothing less than the best.