Fire sprinkler system company Bangladesh

A fire sprinkler system is a fire protection system that consists of fire sprinklers. It is installed in buildings and premises to prevent the spread of fire. It works by automatically activating a fire alarm and sprinklers when there is a fire. The design incorporates specific fire-stopping measures to contain and remove the fire. When activated (by an automatic electronic circuit), sprinklers discharge water at very high pressure; more than 1000 PSI is a common rating for hydrant-activated sprinkler systems. The continuous flow of water from the system prevents hot spots from forming in any area, thus preventing damage or deterioration.

Fire Sprinkler System

What are the benefits of a fire sprinkler system?

Fire sprinkler system is one of the best benefits of fire sprinkler system company Bangladesh. A fire sprinkler system helps to save your property from burning down. If a fire breaks out in your house, you can easily contact the fire department and get help from them. The fire sprinkler system also provides safety to your family members, pets, and other valuable belongings.

How does our fire sprinkler system work in Bangladesh?

Our fire sprinkler system works on the principle of vacuum distribution. The smoke and heat are sucked into the pipe by a fan that circulates the air in the pipe. It then passes through a series of diffusers before being discharged out of the pipe. The air inside the pipe gets cooled, which makes it denser and heavier than outside air. As a result, it is pulled down by gravity and flows through the fire sprinkler system pipes. The heat and smoke are pushed out of the pipe by this force and into two sides of different pneumatic companies that serve fire extinguishers. Once discharged, these “canisters” (the line exists in lengths) are placed between heat sources and fire-fighting equipment, like main pumps or water cannons. The system is generally effective at cooling down fires automatically but will not catch on fire either – an invaluable extra to any facility realizing a vast risk of potential catastrophe due to an accident like this.

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