Consultancy services for New Establishments

Construction a projects have grown larger, riskier, and more complex—even as budgets for capital project management face challenges globally. As a result, infrastructure players need help delivering on time and on budget while rethinking how new construction projects and capital projects are selected, executed, and managed.

EMS’s infrastructure consulting experts help governments and other organizations overcome the challenges related to planning and implementing infrastructure strategy. We engage across the public and private sectors to help organizations capture new opportunities and respond to evolving infrastructure industry trends.

We serve clients across the entire continuum of the engineering and construction industry.

  • Architectural plan for Approval
  • Structural & Constructional Design
  • Total Project Cost Analysis for BANK Loan
  • Supervision & civil Construction
  • Design & Installation of Electrical Substation
  • Electrical Load Management
  • Approval from Electrical authority
  • Design & Installation of electrical wiring
  • Plumbing Design
  • Design & Installation of Fire Protection System
  • Design & Installation of Safety & Security System