What is an Electrical Test?

An electrical test is an evaluation of the parametric, functional, or timing performance of a
component when electrical power is applied. Parametric tests typically involve dc or analog
measurements of current or voltage.

Why Perform an Electrical Test?

Failure of electrical or electronic components usually involves electrical malfunction or operation
outside of the desired electrical limits. Therefore, failure analysis typically requires performing
electrical tests to duplicate or reproduce the incorrect operation of the component.

What kind of Electrical Testing can EMS Perform?

We’re proud to be recognized as a significant independent player in the field of electrical
inspection and testing of different Industries across the country.

Reference Standard

  • Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) – 2020
  • National Electric Code (NEC)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • ACCORD (RSC), Alliance, etc.
  • Thermography Scanning Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  •  Earth Resistance Test
  • Transformer Oil Test
  • Electrical Equipment & wiring test
  • Generator Inspection